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AGES 18+

RLC Rotary Drum Composter Workshop

Tuesday, August 21 - Saturday, August 25 2018 

Composting is the future of waste management and greenhouse gas reduction, but how do we implement this technology for our schools, organizations, and businesses?

Join us at Round Lake Campus in the Adirondack Park for a hands-on workshop to build, operate and maintain a rotary drum composting system. Made possible through open source technology designed and shared by North Country School and Camp Treetops, a rotary drum unit is an affordable option for quickly processing food scraps in an urban or rural setting. For a complete list of features and specifications, please see:

Curriculum includes training on our unit already in use, review of metal fabrication and assembly, hands on construction of access hatch and discharge chute, assembly of rollers and power drive systems, notes on installation and use; as well as discussions regarding source separation of scraps, finished compost, public relations and funding. Farm-to-table meals from our main campus complete the community experience.

Participants will gain all the knowledge to duplicate this project at a cost of $17,500 (welding outsourced and in house assembly) or $10,000 (in house welding and assembly). Pre-ordering available.

The unit assembled in the workshop will be available at cost ($17,500; no assembly required) to any interested program participant, by lottery if necessary.


  • Limit 15 overnight participants.

  • Rates include all meals and drinks, activities, and lodging at the Eileen Rockefeller House, or RockE, on Round Lake Campus.

To learn more about tuition, group discounts, lodging options, please visit:

For questions about programming and schedule, please contact:

Peter Bullock at

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