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Teton Science Schools Presents: Place-Based Education for Educators

August 12 - 16, 2019

Open to adults in the field of education

Program brought to you by The Teacher Learning Center (TLC) at Teton Science Schools. Hosted at the Eileen Rockefeller House (RockE House). RockE House & Basecamp is an extension of North Country School and Camp Treetops.

How does the place where you teach influence your curriculum? What tools can be used to connect students to place? Participants in the workshop will explore these topics while hiking in Adirondack Park, engaging in inquiry and design experiences, and planning place-based lessons and educational experiences for their students. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the theory and implementation of place-based education through lectures, discussions, readings and activities. Central to the program is the Teton Science Schools’ framework for place-based education with three core competencies that we believe are essential to support high levels of student learning: community leadership, educational approach, and intentional culture.  The 6 principles of the place-based educational approach will be discussed and modeled during the training.

Participants will actively engage in reflection to make meaningful connections to their teaching practice. This workshop is designed to re-invigorate participants with fresh ideas for integrating and implementing place-based education in the curriculum, classroom, schoolyard, and local community and environment.

College Credit Available. Participants will be eligible for 2 credits from the University of Wyoming for participation in the program and completing the follow-up, at a cost of $100 per 2 credit hours. 

Visit Teton Science Schools' website for more information. 


● Introduce place-based education, TSS Place-based Education Framework, and 6 principles of place-based education

● Engage in inquiry-based and design-learning experiences to learn more about place and practice the inquiry and design processes

● Develop intentional culture with group and practice community leadership in place

● Plan for place-based projects or units to be implemented in classrooms


In addition to the workshops listed below, there will be time each day to explore Lake Placid and the surrounding area, or to participate in an optional outdoor activity.

Monday, August 12 - Welcome and introduction to place-based education

● Afternoon - Arrivals, Orientation, Welcome

● Overview of Program & building Intentional Culture

● Evening - Introduction to Place-based Education

Tuesday, August 13 - Experiencing Place-Based Education and Risk Management

● Hike to experience and discuss place-based education

● Discussion of place-based education framework and principles

● Discussion of risk management in the field 

Wednesday, August 14 - Inquiry and Design

● Experiencing and practicing inquiry

● Introduction to design and design thinking in place

Thursday, August 15 - Planning for Place-based Learning

● Vision & Action leadership connection

● Project or unit redesign using principles of place-based education

● Facilitated planning time

Friday, August 16 - Closures & wrap-up

● Morning - Sharing, closures, and wrap-up

● Program evaluations and credit

● Approx. 11 am - Check-out and departures



Overnight Tuition - $1,200 full package. Reserve your space with a $25 deposit. 


  • 4 nights' accommodations: shared bed & bath in 19th-century farmhouse 

  • Family-style farm-to-table dinner and drinks 

  • Buffet style breakfast and lunch 

  • Interactive educational workshops 

Local residents, please contact us to inquire about day-only program rates.

Program scholarships are available. Please contact for more information. 

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