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Frequently Asked Questions 




1. Who is this trip designed for?  


  • Student on college break? Business professional wishing to answer the call of the wild? Parent looking to connect with your adult son or daughter? We will build a sense of community and adventure for outdoor enthusiasts who love long day hikes (up to 15 miles with elevation gain), kayaking and boat trips, casual fishing, all-weather conditions (it is Patagonia, afterall!), stunning views, and a comfy bed to sleep in at night (from the spectacular Patagonia Lodge in Parque Patagonia, to more rustic cabaña living). In between we will be traveling by 4x4 truck on one of the most iconic gravel roads in the world. *Unfortunately, due to the remoteness of this area, we can make no guarantees for specific food intolerances and special dietary requests.


2. Who Is leading the program?

  • Tory Ewing lives in Santiago, Chile with her husband, Greg, where they are tucked away in the Andean Mountains. She is originally from Lake Tahoe, California where she originally found her love for nature. Today, she continues to seek fun and adventure in wild places, having spent many years working in the outdoor industry. She is a Registered Nurse, an outdoor enthusiast, naturalist, alpinist, skier, runner, and a yoga therapist.  She and Greg have climbed mountains, camped, hiked and enjoyed the outdoors in the Southern Hemisphere for the past 10 years, including Mozambique, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.


  • Greg de Pascale, Phd, is from Quebec, Canada and New York and grew up learning how to rough it in the Canadian backcountry. He has worked and climbed on all 7 continents, in some of the most remote regions in the world, including the Arctic and Antarctica. Greg is a Professor of Geology and Earthquake Specialist at the Universidad de Chile and he is studying the uplift rate of the Patagonian Fault zone. You will have a very special guiding experience from him as Asyen is his specialty!

  • David “Hock” Hochschartner serves as the Executive Director of North Country School, Camp Treetops, and Round Lake Campus. His lifelong passion, both personally and professionally, has been an intimate connection with a wide range of mountain sports.  He is deeply involved with nordic skiing and racing, hiking and mountain trail running, as well as completing significant rock and ice climbing adventures around the world. Hock has accomplished technical mountaineering and climbing ascents around the world, including in Alaska, the Alps, Ecuador, Peru, and all around the United States. These accomplishments combined with his experience as a Nordic race coach, a former Colorado Outward Bound instructor and guide, a search and rescue person in the White Mountains, and as a leader of several schools with significant outdoor education programs fuel his great passion - taking people into the mountains.


3. Where is lodging?

  • Participants will spend the first night in Coyhaique as a starting point. From there we will spend 2-3 nights at various locations, staying in majestic lodges to rustic cabañas, experiencing the breadth of Patagonian hospitality. Lodging will be dormitory-style sleeping arrangements and daily, family-style meals. Please see the full itinerary for more details.


4. What are the meals?

  • While in Patagonia we will provide group dinners and also eat out at local restaurants. We will share breakfasts at our lodging before heading out for the day and packed lunches and snacks for our outings will be provided. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee special dietary requests due to the remote nature of the region.


5. What should I bring?

  • Since we are staying in cabañas and lodges, there is no need to bring heavy camping gear. Instead, you should bring comfortable hiking boots and a day pack with layered clothing options (no cotton). Patagonia is notorious for its changing weather, so we strongly encourage you to bring good rain gear and a layering system. We will provide participants with a specific gear list upon registration. Additionally, our packs and duffle bags will be stored in the bed of the trucks with tarps, exposed to the weather conditions. It is highly recommended to bring a waterproof suitcase or duffle to store your items.


6. What is included with tuition?

  • All meals and accommodations, experienced guides, tours & activities, in-country transportation, and rescue insurance are included in tuition costs.

7. What is not included with tuition?


  • Travel to Balmaceda, Aysen, Chile; flight & travel insurance. While a beer or glass of table wine is included when eating at restaurants, additional drinks are the responsibility of participants.


8. How technical / difficult will this trip be?

  • We rate this trip as C-II level trip. Please see our Trip Rating System to compare to other programs we offer.


  • Our longest days will include 8-9 hours of hiking with elevation gains around 1000m on well maintained trails and also more rugged trails. Participants need to be prepared to hike in wind, cold, and rain, but also be prepared for sun and warmth! We will not be doing any technical climbing or mountaineering and will adjust our itinerary as needed to adjust for weather, but please be reminded this trip is for avid hikers and is not a learning-to-hike experience.

9. How can I get to Balmaceda?

  • There are daily flights to Balmaceda from Santiago. Flights are about 2.5 hours (unless being routed through Puerto Mont). Flights can be bought through Lantam or Sky. We ask participants to arrive in Balmaceda by 2 pm. Participants will be driven to Coyhaique and have time to settle into their hotel, and join the group by 6:00 pm. If you arrive early, Tory will be available for all airport pickups. Patagonia House is close to the city center of Coyhaique and participants are more than welcome to grab a taxi to explore the town.


  • Flight departure from Balmaceda to Santiago on Jan 14th is flexible and we will work to find a ticket that best accommodates your flight time. Once you register for the trip we will provide more detailed information about flight information.

9. What is the cancellation policy?

  • Cancellations before October 2, 2018 will receive a full refund.

  • Cancellations between October 2, 2018 and November 2, 2018 will receive a 50% refund.

  • Cancellations after November 2, 2018 will receive no refund.

***Medical or family emergencies will be considered on an individual basis.***

  • To cancel, individual attendee registrants MUST contact Round Lake Campus at (518) 523-9329 ext. 5440.


10. What is the schedule?


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